The Bed Undefiled – A Short Story

‘Madam, how far now? This one that you are dressed to the nines. Where to?’ I asked my housemate as she stepped out of her room looking good enough to eat.

‘Oh!’ She answered with her signature “canine-to-canine” smile.

‘I’m headed for Tade’s, he’s feeling under the weather, so I want to go cheer him up with some goat meat and catfish pepper soup.’

A smile played on my lips. This Tade guy is one lucky dude sha!

Man! What I would do for goat meat and catfish pepper soup right now.

Then a ding went off in my head!

‘Wait, babe! You’re going alone?’

‘Hmmn,’ Matilda replied absentmindedly as she went into the kitchen and reappeared with a neatly packed picnic basket, covered with a flowery napkin.

I thought to shut up, but what the heck?!

Matilda and Tade were engaged to be married in two short weeks and everything was in order, I wasn’t just her best friend, I was also her chief bridesmaid and I took that office very seriously!

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In light of that, I believed I should say what was on my mind.

‘Babe, this visit, would it be in his compound where your neighbors can see or behind…closed doors?’ I asked trailing for effect.

Matilda glanced at me once, then again and when she saw I wasn’t trying to tease, she turned and faced me squarely.

‘Well, he’s not feeling too well, I believe we would be inside.’ She turned back immediately to tuck the napkin in the edges of the basket.

‘Behind closed doors?’ I asked again, emphasizing what exactly I needed an answer to.

‘Of course, Mary! Would I leave the door open and go attend to him?!’

She was irritated now, but I’d seen her act worse, so I didn’t care! I was going to drive my point to the very room I wanted!

‘And you don’t think there’s a problem with that?’ I asked again.

What was wrong with this babe?!

‘Madam, if you have a problem, then by all means, spit it out!’ Matilda spat!

This girl just stole my line, even when she knew exactly what I was hinting at!

‘Okay then, thanks for the permission!’ I retorted. ‘So, are you seriously going to visit your fiancé looking that delicious, all by yourself in a house he lives alone?’ I asked in a painfully low tone.

‘If I don’t look delicious for my fiance, please who do I look delicious for, my pastor?!’ The human being retorted.

‘Babe, you know that’s not the point! Stop playing games jare!’ I was getting riled up.

What was this girl’s problem?

‘See Mary, I need to be on my way if I’ll beat the traffic and be back home in time, get to the point.’ Matilda said hinging towards the door, bag strap on arm, basket in hand.

‘Okay, if that’s how you want it. So you really want to go visit your fiancé alone in his house where he lives alone, and believe it’s okay?’ I asked and continued when she didn’t say a word.

‘Well, I won’t waste your time, because I see all you’ve been doing is edging around my hints. You probably believe you’re too far into the relationship and too close to your big day to make any mistake.

‘You trust yourself, you trust him, you’ve both been practicing total abstinence and fully intend to continue till your D-Night, but have you forgotten that the devil doesn’t respect spirituality in his persistence? Temptations don’t recognize intentions and the flesh will go to any lengths to satisfy itself.’

Matilda’s brows were furrowed now. I was preaching the exact sermon she believed she didn’t need to hear because she felt she’d outgrown it, but I could sense her defenses coming down.

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‘Sweets, don’t you think two-weeks-to-go is going to be a really regretful time to fall after all these years? Do you really want an opportunity to sin to meet with a temptation to sin in your courtship?’

She was blinking rapidly now and frequently shifting the basket from one hand to the other.

‘You both are flesh and blood, and I bet the chemistry is mad, which is a big gift, but, hey! Do you really want to ruin the anticipation of your own gift with a theft?

‘Two weeks, babe! Two weeks!

‘You know this is unfair both to you and him! You’re daring your defenses and stealing his, a sure recipe for disaster!

‘Babe, I want to wear that beautiful corral gown hanging in my closet so bad, and be glad I was part of a beautiful union! Are you going to steal that away from me?’

By this time, Matilda had settled on the sofa opposite me and was rubbing her forehead with her fingers, and then she ran her palm down her face.

After a few seconds, she asked,

‘Will you please come with me?’

‘Five minutes, I don’t want to be caught up in Lagos weekend traffic either!’ I replied as I jumped off my seat.

Thank you God!


Dear friend,

A few quick questions:

Who’s your closest company?

Do you even have that friend in your life who’ll say the ugly bitter truth to your face without fear or favour, just because she/he can?

Or do you live a solitary life with no one to grab you by the hand and pull you back to your senses when you’re derailing?

Lastly, are you already edging towards sin? Are you already playing tinko-tinko with Satan and think a slap won’t land on your face, any moment now?

My sister once asked,

‘These couples that satisfy their sexual needs before marriage, what (physical intimacy) do they anticipate in marriage?’

If you think pleasure is all the devil has to offer, think again!

My dear, shut down to the devil!

Flee from all appearances of evil! Regardless of how alluring it looks, it’s a a path to damnation, ruin and regret!

Starve the flesh of all opportunities to sin!

Latch on to God’s grace!

Yours truly,
The Girl with the Winning Smile,
Spirit Pen!

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