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WRITTEN BY JOY A. ADEWUMI ‘Ketu, Mile 12, Ikorodu garage! Ketu, Mile 12, Ikorodu garage!’ The bus conductor announced at the top of his voice,

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Is it ever possible that grace is not enough?

Can we conclude when a believer keeps rising and falling back into his old ways that the grace available to him was not sufficient for the journey?

Well, we’ll find out in a jiffy!

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‘I think I’m losing it gradually. I’m stressed like crazy and my brain is like a hundred degree Celsius. On my way here, I honestly considered just dropping everything and finding somewhere to sit on the floor by the roadside. I’ve actually been feeling that way all day. I feel like shutting down completely and not thinking of anything. Am I the first person to juggle a Master’s program with a demanding office job? People do it all the time! The whole subtle when-are-you-bringing-a-husband-home-drama from my parents is not helping matters at all. Don’t they get it? My life is chaotic and difficult as it is, I can’t even afford the luxury of thinking about marriage, much less adding a relationship to this crazy mix. And to make matters worse, the Holy Spirit has gone incommunicado! Not that I can blame Him. I haven’t been talking to Him much either, but really, I could make do with some comfort right now.’

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