Meet the Spirit Pen

Joy A. Adewumi with pen name, Spirit Pen, is a faith-based writer, author and blogger. With the Lord Jesus Christ as the constant center-focus of her writings, she lives to glorify God and propagate His kingdom here on earth. She blogs at – a blog that has been ordained to reroute souls to Christ in the cyberspace. Joy is also a biochemist, podcaster on the A Better You with Spirit Pen – a podcast alternative for her nonfiction category on the blog. She’s also a teens-development enthusiast. 

However, her fun side is her best side. Her alias as the girl with the winning smile is just a peep into the world of fun she dominates. If you belong to that world, you can meet her on the dance floor, sweating it out with unbelievable energy, cuddled on her bed reading the latest faith-based novel she’s laid her hands on or comfy in front of her laptop watching a very cheesy K-drama.

Whatever the occasion, you can hook up with her via the following channels:



Facebook:  Joy A.  Adewumi

IG: @thespiritpen

Twitter: Joy_theSpiritpen